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Alpha backs Ouattara but is against force

Alpha Blondy, one of the torch bearer of Ivorian music and well-known worldwide reggae singer says he “acknowledges Alassane Outtara’s victory but” but he “is radically opposed to the military option to force Gbagbo to step down as this option will jeopardize the stability of the country”.

Alpha Blondy is the most popular reggae star. His album ‘Jah Glory’ topped the list of reggae hits in 1982. Since, he embodies the dream of many reggae lovers, and his engaged lyrics are much appreciated worldwide. On December 14, 2010, he broke long silence and spoke of the stand-off in Ivory Coast, his home country.

In Paris, where he completed his new album, ‘vision’, the reggae star urged Ivorians to respect poll results. “ Mr Gbagbo was my candidate, but that does not stop to recognize the victory of Mr. Alassane Ouattara, the candidate of RHDP. I invite Ivorians to respect ballot results”. Alpha Blondy declared. He will be performing at the FESMAN, the World Negro Arts Festival on December 24 and 25 in Dakar, the Senegalese capital city.

Alpha Blondy says “the military option is on everybody’s lips” in the debates on the standoff over the Ivorian presidential runoff. On December 23rd, he broke silence and said he was against that use of force. “Again, I say no, I say thousand times no to war”, declared the superstar.

Since the beginning of war in September 2002, the multi-awards winner has been calling to a peaceful denouement of the decade-long Ivorian crisis, saying it was dangerous to hold elections with two armies face to face: FDS (French acronym of armed forces loyal to incumbent Laurent Gbagbo) and FAFN (French acronym of armed wing of rebellion).

Alpha’s all songs have meaning, but his famous lyric ‘Brigadier Sabari’ makes sense here; it’s topical as ‘Brigadier Sabari’ (in manlike dialect) means ‘I beg soldiers to have pity!’. On the other hand, ‘Vision’, the title of the megastar’s last album could mean ‘in the settlement of the ongoing conflict people should prioritize the peaceful vision to break the padlock and give peace a chance in Ivory Coast.
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