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End-of-the Year Show relieves pain

The Palace of Culture hosted on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011, ‘Bonjour 2011’, the famous end-of-the year sketch comedy show. Many Ivorians attended the show to wash away the bitter memories of the post-electoral violence that has been shaking the whole country since the standoff over the presidential runoff.

Silué Oumar

Anoumanbo 4.000-seater Auditorium in The Palace of Culture, Treichville, Abidjan. Photo: Silué Oumar.
Anoumanbo 4.000-seater Auditorium in The Palace of Culture, Treichville, Abidjan. Photo: Silué Oumar.
On January 2nd, a crowd consisted of teens, adults and children ‘invaded’ ‘Anoumabo’, the 4000-seat auditorium in The Palace of Culture in Treichville, Abidjan, to see ‘Bonjour 2011’, the comedy show performed by a myriad of talented humorists.

The crowds started to gather in the compound of the Palace at 10 a.m, but they flooded through the gates two hours later. The 4000-seater auditorium was fully packed with spectators visibly happy to get close to the stage and to the laugh-provoking artists.

“I am deeply saddened as my country is sick. This hits me a lot, that is why I am here to have fun to help me forget the painful events we have been going through”, said a 30-year old pregnant, when she was asked to convey her new year’s wishes. Later on, the female spectator was joined by humorists among whom, Chuken Pat who came back to the ongoing political crisis and said: “May true peace be the present for all those who live in Ivory Coast”.

‘’May 2011 brings us a lasting peace and stability’’ said, Le Magnifique, another humorist with a loud voice. Next, ‘Zongo’, ‘Tao’, ‘Manan Kampess’, ‘Felicia’, ‘Omega’, ‘Le Prophète du rire’, other humorists, said they all wish peace back to the West African country.
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1.Posté par selay mauriac le 18/01/2011 15:31
je suis ivoirien, je m'intéresse a tout ce qui rentre dans le cadre de la culture et la je suis impressionne par ce reportage
Momo luck artiste chanteur et aussi directeur d' entreprise a abidjan. Merci

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