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Manou Gallo: The Rising Star

Manou N'Guessan Gallo is a musician born August 31, 1972 in Divo, Ivory Coast. This little star has been rocketing up since her first ever artistic performance.

Brought up by her grandmother in Ivory Coast, Gallo first performed at the age of 12 when she put on a show with friends from her village. The tale of a little witch went on to become a success, touring in various African countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo and Benin as well as recording four albums.

When the group ‘Woya’ where she made her debut eventually stopped, after recording four albums, Gallo followed Marcellin Yacé, one of the group leaders, to Abidjan. He took her under his wing, gave her first bass guitar and taught her about recording. Between 1993 and 1996, she also performed in theatre and dance troupes as well as playing on an album by Ray Lema.

She eventually met the tour manager of Zap Mama, and was offered the chance to tour with them in Europe. She performed with them for six years from 1997, as well as appearing with the Tambours de Brazza.

She eventually formed her own group, Le Djiboi, and toured extensively. Her debut album, "Dida" was released on the IglooMondo label in 2003, followed by "Manou Gallo" in 2007. She sings in Dida her mother tongue, she also sings in French and English.

Manou Gallo’s unique and original music style inspires and emulates debutant singer!
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